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Do u think sunita williams has converted to islam(muslim)?

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may i know why you are thinking on this? who are you to think on this topic any way. it is a personal matter or sunita williams. i know if she has embraced islam, but why any body should think on this. if you really want to know the truth then try to find it out by using some authentic sources rather than using internet blog and asking what any body thinks. your question is ridiculous in all the respects. may be you can frame your question like this.

01. do you think that the news aobut sunita williams embracing islam is correct? (this is doubting the info and looking for confirmation)

02. what do you think about sunita williams embracing islam? (this confirms the info and asks for the public opionion)
it looks you are a muslim and i am too. but i just dont understand that what good this news (even if it is correct) will do to islam or to muslims. dont you know, islam is the deen of Allah and is not depending upon people and its followers. just read some verses from quran and you will understand. here are some for you.
A. Iza Qaza Amra, Fa-innama YaQooloo lahu Kun Fayakoon.
B. Leyaz hirahu aladdin-e-kulleh, walau karehal mushrikoon.
Source(s):Quran Chap: 2 Surah Baqarah and Chap: 36 Surah Yaseen.

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