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The Rainfall Rate Prediction Model applicable especially for Indonesia can be developed more accurate and convincingly with the availability of field measurements as presented above. By using abovementioned data, and added to it (other) data concerning rain and thunderstorm days from the Indonesian Meteorological and Geophysical Institute, the Rainfall Rate Prediction Model for the Indonesia archipelago becomes:

R0.01 = f(Lat,Long,M,Mm) = 128.192 – 0.037Lat - 0.393Long +
0.012M + 0.017Mm
R0.01 = rainfall-rate 0.01 percent of time in a year (mm/h)
M = average rainfall a year (mm)
Mm = maximum rainfall (monthly) in 30 years
Lat = latitude
Long = longitude
This model should be used when carrying out wireless communication
link planning for wireless local loops, line of sight and satellite.

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