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PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta (Lintasarta) was founded April 4th 1988. Experience as a provider of Datacom and Value Added Services in Indonesia encompassing all industry sectors, Lintasarta currently has more than 1100 corporate base customers with more than 13000 circuit managed including Frame Relay, Digital Data Network, VSAT IP, VPN MultiService and etc.

Lintasarta Satellite based services, include :
- Vsat Net
- Vsat IP
- Vsat Link

VSAT Net :
Datacom service utilize satellite in TDM/TDMA access scheme based on legacy protocol. At each remote station computer and customer premises equipment are connected to Digital Indoor Unit(DIU). Remote communicate to HUB in TDMA mode while HUB to remote in TDM mode.

Vsat IP :
Datacom service utilizing satellite technology with TDM/TDMA access scheme based on IP protocol.
It uses a star topology with one HUB system transmiting in TDM and remote transmiting in TDMA access.

Vsat Link:
Datacom service utilizing satellite SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) technology. Point to point link can be transformed to become point to multipoint.
SCPC gives the customer private dedicated bandwidth either for data, voice or video application.
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  1. jalii // December 18, 2008 at 5:41 AM  

    Dear PT.Lintasarta

    Tlong Situs""
    di perpanjang & di lengkapi.
    Agar dapat Melihat hasil tes waktu malam hari.

    Thak's Before
    From: Richard h.s


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