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Indosat TV Link is a broadcast quality Audio/Video channel that has both Domestic and International coverage, delivered via Fiber Optics and Satellites (Intelsat, Panamsat, Asiasat, Palapa and others).

Booking, up-link and down-link time flexibility.
High-speed transmission.
Robust, high-quality device that has been certified with a number of satellites.
Easy satellite access with a robust, high-quality connection.

Principally, INDOSAT TV Link is to transmit television signal from abroad to Indonesia or on the contrary.

In its process, the broadcaster from abroad contract the telecommunication organizer and it will be spread through the geo station in his country where after it will be transmitted via satellite Indosat will receive the signal via geo station, the using FO/M/W at Indosat head quarter, the signal will be transmitted to the TV station where this station will distribute it to all TV set around Indonesia. But the TV program can also accepted in the TV station via TVRO.

Alternatively, INDOSAT TV Link can perform the same function in reverse, taking a signal from a broadcasting facility in Indonesia and transferring it to an equivalent facility abroad.

Digital Satellite :
- IOR - 57
- IOR - 64
- IOR - 66
Panamsat 02 & 08
Asiaset II

Analog Satellite :
- IOR - 60
- POR - 174
- POR - 177

Transmission Services
Fixed Stations : Located in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Denpasar, Medan and others.
Mobile Stations : SNG (Satellite News Gathering) and OB VAN.
Support Systems

Indosat TV Link provides the following support systems :
- Digital Fixed Earth Station.
- Flyway Earth Station (Satellite News Gathering Service).

source from Indosat Multi Media

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