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From Kanwa Defense Review Monthly, reported by Jeff Chen and edited by Andrei Chang, comes a report focusing on China's recent sales of communication satellites to Nigeria, Pakistan, and Venezuela.

Dong Fang Hong IV satellite (China) These satellites are equipped with C- and Ku-band transmitters and have an estimated life span of 15 years and all were launched by China's CZ-3B launch vehicles. For the Nigerian satellite, the final outcome was not as positive as they had hoped — their satellite ceased functioning after one year of operation when the drive assembly for the solar array failed. The good news for Nigeria is that China has now announced they will replace that satellite for Nigeria at no cost. That launch is expected to occur in 2011. These Dong Fang Hong IV comsats possess both civilian and military communication capabilities, which is certainly a concern for the U.S. In fact, the U.S. has requested China not to assist Venezuela with any additional satellite support or technology. Observations of China's actions indicate the country is targeting oil producing nations as customers for their satellites.

Nigeria has purchased J-7 combat fighters from China and their next acquisition will be K-8 trainers, these actions occurring post satellite launch late last year. Iran's TA Company received VSATs from China, with the deal valued at more than $500K, with the "trade" for the technology being crude oil. The Iranian VSAT network supports data, video, and voice communications. A complete satellite TV production and transmission center was provided by China Electronics Import and Export Company to Angola for that country's state television operation. Angola also happens to be the second-largest exporter of oil to China. One might extrapolate from China's activity that where there is oil, there could eventually be a Chinese SATCOM intrusion/solution.
Source Satnews Daily April 12, 2009

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