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According to information provided by The Yomiuri Shimbun the government of Japan is about to introduce an early warning satellite which can detect missile launches. The whole idea was brought by the Prime Minister Taro Aso’s space development strategy headquarters which is the result of the North Korea’s missile launch on April the 5th.

The purpose of forcing this plan is the growing concern of the national security. “The role that space is expected to play has become greater than ever with the situation of North Korea launching a missile in April 2009, despite the U.N. Security Council’s resolutions and concern from the global community, which urged the nation’s self-restraint”, the draft says. The draft suggest five-year plan which expects a development of a new satellite system and promotion of research into new sensors that will be used by the new device. The goal is to put the new 34 satellites in orbit within five years.

The draft report suggests the lunar expedition as a part of their space development strategy. The unmanned lunar expedition would be sent to the moon in search of possible use of lunar resources. The whole examination would take for about two years and only then the government would consider the manned expedition which would take place in 2020.

The report also contains information about the growing number of space debris which can be dangerous to new and already existing satellites. With this in mind it is suggested to create a monitoring of the space debris and introducing an worldwide plan of reducing the amount of debris.

It is expected that the draft will be approved next Monday and after the public consultation it will be also accepted by the government.
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