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Jakarta, May 3rd 2007,- PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk., (Telkom) is going seriously to develop pay TV service in the mid of 2007 through Telkomvision, a subsidiary company of Telkom Group.

Telkomvision concentrate his business to serve high quality commercial satellite TV, including Direct TV home (DTH) and Cable TV.

Mr. Eddy Kurnia, Telkom Vice President Public and Marketing Communication said that the prospect of pay satellite TV still prospective. This year Telkom seriously develop pay TV business as part of Telkom multimedia business,” said Eddy Kurnia at ICT 2007 exhibition at Jakarta Convention Centre.

Telkom already done some preparation, such as increasing head end satellite quality in Cibinong, 24 hours call centre with 14047 access code, which manage together with Indomedia, and also develop human resource in pay TV industries.

Telkomvision is the only pay TV operator who applies the latest Satellite TV technology which calls C-Band Satellite System as frequency carrier. C-Band Satellite System could deliver superior picture quality and not affected by heavy rain and other weather related conditions.

Telkomvision came with variety of services packed in competitive service and tariff to meet public requirement. Telkomvision will be bundle with other Telkom product such as Telkom Speedy (broadband internet access), home shopping, video phone, home banking, interactive games, and CCTV.

Telkomvision could be received by regular small parabola receiver (Free to Air), but we can received interested Telkomvision package. Beside that we still enjoy local TV channel and more than 100 channels, from China, India, and Arabian, for free with only add “broadcast card or LNB”.

“Telkomvision was design based on consumer needs. In the future we will launch prepaid service, which is the first prepaid pay TV in Indonesia,” said Eddy Kurnia.

Cable based Telkomvision service today operates in several cities in Indonesia. Telkomvision planned to add another 500.000 connection at five major cities: Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang and Bali.

Today there are 20 millions household TV only in 9 big cities Indonesia, and there are only 8 millions TV satellite receivers, so there are still big markets for Telkomvisionc. Telkom very optimistic about the future of Telkomvision.

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