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In January 2009, the Indonesia Information and Communications ministry announced PT Telkomsel as the winner of five of the project's seven tender packages that aim to ensure basic fixed lines and that all affordable wireless services for citizens across the country. The packages also offer specialized tariff schemes for low-income people with fixed network connections, Internet access and public call boxes.

Three state universities signed an MoU with PT Telkomsel on Friday (05/08/2009) to research the impact of telecommunication services in rural areas.

The Universal Service Obligation (USO), will affect the cultural, economical, social and political conditions of the people living in the areas, the Indonesian government is targeting to connect 38,000 remote villages by 2010.

The research will provide information on market-mapping, operational constraints, social segmentation and communication behavior among villagers, also serve as a means for the government to monitor the progress of the project and its impact on the societies, and to better understand the social expectation on the project.

And PT Telkomsel announced six network vendors to provide 6000 VSAT-IP Satellites for the universal service obligation (USO) project will implemented in the 24.056 villages.

The vendors is AJN Solusindo, Tangara Mitrakom, Patrakom, Telkom Divisi Enterprise, Konsorsium Aprotech, and Transnetwork Asia, each vendors provide 1000 VSAT for four months until September 2009.

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