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With over 23 years of experience in commercial communications and networks design, VSAT Caribbean owns and operates a Satellite HUB. Offer VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal connectivity and Wide Area Networks (WANs) to Enterprises, Industries and Government Agencies located in Puerto Rico, The Caribbean, USA and South America, primarily.

Located in Puerto Rico, an strategic location in the Center of the 'Las Americas Continent, facilities serves as a perfect communications bridge, from Puerto Rico to the Caribbean, North America and Latin America, for the delivery of video, internet, voice and data transmission services anywhere.

The Satellite NOC (Network Operations Center) is located in the 'Digital'' city of Caguas, P.R., operated and supported by local experienced professional, engineers and technicians. Satellite Tele-Port facilities are located in Humacao, Puerto Rico.

Satellite Network and Solutions are Industrial Strength, designed for Enterprise, Government and Defense Applications, We don't provide Satellite services to home users.

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