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Tired of slow Internet access? Can't get cable or DSL in your area? HughesNet Satellite Internet is your answer.

HughesNet Satellite Internet uses advanced satellite technology to give you a blazing fast, always-on internet connection at your home or office. Get faster downloads, faster web surfing, faster everything.

HughesNet satellite Internet broadband gives everyone the chance to enjoy a high-speed Internet connection. Using the power of satellites, HughesNet reaches customers in even the most remote locations across the contiguous U.S., and delivers connection speeds up to 50 times faster than dial-up. That's why more dial-up users are switching to HughesNet satellite Internet.

Here are just some of the reasons Internet users choose HughesNet: Fast download speeds; Connection is "always-on" ; Broad service availability; Flexible payment options.

HughesNet is Fast
Imagine turning on your computer and connecting to the Internet instantly! No dialing and waiting and waiting...and waiting. Harnessing the power of advanced satellite technology, HughesNet satellite Internet broadband connects users at speeds up to 50 times faster than dial-up. That means software upgrades, MP3 files, video clips and digital images download quickly and easily. Slow connection speeds can impact business and disrupt home use. With HughesNet, you'll connect faster and get the information you need when you need it.

HughesNet is Always-On
HughesNet uses the unique capabilities of satellite technology to give you uninterrupted broadband Internet access. The new SPACEWAY satellite system delivers a reliable, high-performance solution that ensures your connectivity is stable and secure. And with a satellite connection, you won't tie up phone lines, which means you can talk and surf at the same time. HughesNet also protects your private information by including top-of-the-line anti-virus and anti-spam protection with every plan.

HughesNet is Available Anywhere
No matter where you live - in the East, West, North or South - HughesNet is available to almost any home or business in the continental United States. Our powerful systems reach into the most remote areas, putting you in touch like never before. All you need is a surface to mount our satellite dish and a clear view of the Southern sky.

HughesNet offers Flexible Payment Options
HughesNet is committed to providing the best deals for your budget. Pay for your equipment upfront and lower your monthly costs, or pay a small down-payment and extend your lease payments of $9.99/month over the life of your service. HughesNet offers both lease and purchase options to meet the needs of every customer.

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  1. Dana Telecom // July 7, 2009 at 12:08 AM  

    Nice info, it is worth to try. :)

  2. Anonymous // July 27, 2009 at 1:41 PM  

    I agree, interesting article

  3. Bud Parker // May 21, 2010 at 4:42 PM  

    HughesNet blazing fast? That must not be the HughesNet I have.

  4. Morty // June 23, 2010 at 3:44 PM  

    Does HughesNet have lower latency than the one I'm using right now? If it does then I'll be sure to change my provider. I'm having a really bad service for my satellite internet now, great thing is that I've read this post before planning to change my ISP. Thanks.


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