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ViaSat Inc. has signed two contracts with RascomStar-Qaf, the pan-African satellite operator, to deliver satellite systems for high-capacity infrastructure communications carrying pan-African telephony and data between regional and national capitals and for rural telecommunications access across the African continent with RascomStar-Qaf VSAT terminals. The combined value of the contracts is approximately $53 million with deliveries scheduled to begin this year and continuing into 2011.

This major addition to the African telecommunications infrastructure is requiring a full turnkey system approach, with ViaSat providing full system responsibility: system engineering, integration, logistic support, installation, training and an initial 12 months of in-region network operation support.

“The construction and deployment of ViaSat R*BCS and R*TES infrastructure will enable RascomStar-Qaf to realize its mission of delivering affordable telecommunications services throughout Africa,” said Faraj Elamari, CEO of RascomStar-Qaf. “These satellite-based systems will reach rural areas of Africa that no other telecommunications infrastructure can support on a cost-effective basis. Our goal is to establish a modern, African telecommunications standard that will rely on resources within Africa.”

The two networks fulfill separate communication requirements for RascomStar-Qaf:
• The R*BCS (RascomStar-Qaf Broadband Connectivity Services) telephone and IP trunking network is based on ViaSat LinkWay®S2 networking terminals and 7.3-meter gateway antenna systems. Gateways are scheduled for installation between late 2009 and mid - 2010.
• The R*TES (RascomStar-Qaf Telecommunication Services) network is designed to provide low density telephony and optional Internet access. The very low-powered R*TES will be designed to combine multiple low rate telephone circuits while minimizing power consumption, making them ideal for solar operation. High-speed Internet connection is an optional feature. The ViaSat network design includes multi-transponder operation that enables seamless connections no matter the location of the rural terminal within the African continent.
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