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There are a few providers that specialize in this market:

* RockBochs, Inc. (
The leading provider of VoIP and Fax in the satellite industry. RockBochs offers the most cost-effective fax-over-satellite service in the world.

* WiredSkies. (
Efficient VoIP and 100% reliable faxing over satellite links using proprietary SkyWire convergence routers. Unique protocol combined with excellent compression using optimized speex codec results in only 5 to 8 kbps per call with units that provide up to 24 phone lines. Systems will work over even the worst satellite links including Hughes and Wildblue. Only provider to support fax over satellite and guarantee reliability. Phone numbers (DIDs) available in every US area code and in most countries. SkyWire routers also provide IPSEC and SSL VPNs as well as aggressive bandwidth optimization through techniques such as network level web caching, traffic shaping, and compression.

* SunISP (
VOIP and Internet Satellite have converged to become VOIP over Satellite. Sun-ISP is a Satellite Internet and VOIP provider serving the global market. Satellite internet and VOIP or Satellite VOIP has riled much skepticism to quality due to packet loss. SunISP was founded with the goal in mind of replacing this skepticism with crystal clear VOIP over Satellite to many Satellite users. Hughes and VOIP over Satellite work perfectly because our system has been configured to run on only 16Kbps of bandwith unlike other providers. Starband and our VOIP Sattellite along with Wild Blue Satellite VOIP work perfectly as well with minimum latency or delay. VOIP over Satellite is the ultimate solution to rural communities as international countries with limited dedicated infrastructure. We are a friendly VOIP over Satellite as well as standard VOIP company who ensures that a welcoming voice will answer on the other end when dialing for Support.

* Ground Control(, VOIP for Direcway or Galileo users
* VoIP enabled satellite Internet services. Worldwide coverage
* Skycasters ( VOIP for Directway users
* SDN Global ( VoIP over dedicated international MPLS backbone with full QoS. Global redundant teleports utilize 7 satellites to cover 95% of populated world. BroadSat®, RecoverSat®, and JobSat® line available for Retail, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Distribution and Logistics, Health Care, Publishing, Financial, and Mining industries.

* Speedway ( VOIP for iDirect and Linkstar users
* Transcom ISP( VOIP for any high contention VSAT systems

* Agiosat Global Communications (
VSAT/Mobile/Emergency communications, including VOIP. Global coverage.

* BusinessCom Internet via Satellite (
VoIP and VSAT services based on the LinkStar, iDirect and dedicated backbone channels with appropriate QoS setup. Service is offered on a unique iLBC codec which is used in Skype to achieve the best radio frequency media tolerance.

* atrexx (
Global Capacity and Facility Exchange Versatile Voice-over-IP System proved with DSL type broadband connections and Internet over Satellite connections
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