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It’s hard to imagine really loving a TV service, right? Well, let’s take it down a notch and talk about things that you can really, really like about satellite TV. When we say satellite TV we are talking mostly about Free-To-Air (FTA) satellite TV services. So we are comparing FTA satellite TV to cable TV or public television.

1. You control the quality of TV reception. If you want to get a really strong signal then you basically spend as much as you want on the equipment you need to get yourself the very best picture you can have. Try getting your cable TV company to care about your picture… it’s not fun.

2. You own the equipment. You own your own satellite dish and don’t have to pay a monthly rental or service fee. This is certainly true in the case of FTA satellite TV. You can also lease satellite TV equipment, but it’s rare.

3. It’s easy to setup. So you don’t have to wait for the cable guy to come to your house in a 4 or 8-hour window. As soon as your equipment comes in you can install it yourself (optionally you can call a tech out but it’s really simple now for most systems).

4. More international channels are available to you. When you choose satellite TV especially FTA you get a wide variety of international channels to choose from that you cannot get any other way.

5. Everyone can get Satellite TV. In some cases the only type of quality TV services you can get is satellite TV. This is especially true if you live in remote areas of the country. The U.S. government also passed a law giving you the right to satellite TV so make sure you are aware of that right.

6. You get to be a little geeky/nerdy. For whatever reason, even though it’s much simpler now. When you get your satellite TV service up and running you feel a sense of accomplishment that is hard to understand until you have done it for yourself.

7. You pick your channels. If you don’t like the current channels your satellite is picking up then point it at a different satellite and voila! More channels.

8. Cable TV lines down. If your local cable company has problems with their lines (say a storm knocks down trees, etc.) you don’t lose your TV. Since you are pointing at satellites assuming the satellite doesn’t vanish, your service is still intact.

9. Junk channels are less of a problem. You don’t have to fight with the family over channels like MTV, HBO, VH1, etc. Most of the channels that you aren’t going to miss aren’t available via FTA.
10. Educational channels are widely available. There are far more educational channels available on FTA than most networks and without the junk channels as noted above your chances are better that your family will be watching something that is keeping them more informed and less influenced by pop culture.

There are lots of great resources out there for FTA, but one of the best is the ultimate channel guide for FTA located here. We think satellite TV is something that most people love after they get for many different reasons. Why not give it a try?
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