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VSAT approval test in Indonesia will be based on national standards: KEPDIRJEN No. 346/DIRJEN/2003. The national standards are mainly adopted from ETS 300 159 and ETS 300 332. The key parameters are as follows:

For completed information about Type Approval Guide for VSAT Equipment in Indonesia (162) you ...[Download here]

Type approval certificate of telecommunication device
Type approval certificate is a guarantee of telecommunication device can work well and than guarantee telecommunication device has been in accordance with the specification and meet standard in each country. because every telecommunication device have to approved process through testing in each respective a country.

Balai besar pengujian perangakat telekomunikasi or ( BBPPT ) is institutions that are responsible in the process of testing the telecommunication device in Indonesia.

Directorate general of posts and telecommunication is institutions that are responsible issued Certificate of telecommunication device that provides information about telecommunication device has been certificate in Indonesia: Certificate number, PLG ID number, Reference, Country of origin, Product of, Mode / type, Proposed by, Address, Date of issued, Note.

I hope the information above will be help you for obtaining type approval certification for VSAT equipment in Indonesia. For detail information do not hesitate to contact

MS VSAT Antenna manufacturer Indonesia
In early January 2010, this could be a new history for PT. Dian Citra located in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia as one of the factories producing brand VSAT antennas MS. which already has been issued type approval certification of telecommunication devices by the Directorate General of Post and Telecommunications in January 27th 2010, the VSAT antenna device MS-PF-37C or the 3.7-meter dish size and MS-PF-46C or the 4.6-meter dish size, made of the fiber raw material has been tested by test house Indonesia with the test methods on site test as mandatory requirements in obtaining certification, and is now ready to be marketed in Indonesia.

And as for your information the reader or the businesses in the areas of telecommunications technology are interested in buying the VSAT antenna MS products, and we’re not only working on the management of telecommunications equipment certification services director-general of post and telecommunications, and we also gain the trust of the PT. Dian Citra to market MS VSAT antenna can contact

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