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Las Vegas, USA, March 18, 2011 – Gateway Communications, one of the largest aggregators of voice minutes to and from the African continent, will be exhibiting at the Comptel Spring Convention in Las Vegas, USA from the 20th -23rd March, 2011. The Convention is a networking event for innovative communications companies, and is hosted by trade association, Comptel.

Gateway Communications, with more direct connections to Africa than any other service provider, will be demonstrating its secure, real time trading platform, which connects customers with telecommunication companies that purchase and send minutes to Africa. Gateway Communications is also the only provider to have direct connections to the continent for pre-paid calling platforms.

Gateway Online Trading is open to any operator holding a license to purchase international switched minutes. The services available through this online portal include a simple sign in process, automated credit management, online fault reporting management and provisioning and extensive African route selection.

“All routes use direct interconnects with in-country mobile operators and postal, telephone and telegraph networks (PTTs), ensuring the best voice quality at the best rates,” says Mike van den Bergh, CEO of Gateway Communications. “Calls are all routed over our all IP Next Generation Network (NGN) and utilisation of the network is constantly monitored to ensure maximum availability.”

For more information about Gateway Communications’ Online Voice Trading visit:

To learn more about the Comptel Spring Convention go to:
Visit Gateway Communications at booth 724.

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