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Communication via satellite is available world-wide and cost-effectively thanks to the use of newly fixed or more and more mobile terminals. As satellite terminals become smaller and cheaper, the potential pool of users grows. At the same time, wider use is also being made of common access technologies and protocols (IP, ATM, FR, ISDN PSTN, GSM) for certain types of satellites which heightens the dangers of eavesdropping. Even military organisations are increasingly resorting to civilian and public satellite systems to meet the fast growing need for bandwidth. It is commonly known, however, that satellite links are a definite focal point of surreptitious listening systems such as Echelon.

Unified encryption solutions that cover the technologies used and the specific satellite requirements are highly recommended. Crypto AG has a diverse range of SatCom-proven encryption products on offer.

Positioning of different satellite communication systems regarding mobility, data capability and investment source

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