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By Emily Hayes

You might be purchasing broadband satellite Internet service for simple entertainment or you may be purchasing the service for your business. Either way, you have the right as a customer to feel like your business is valued and that the company from whom you contract the service will be there to help you should things go wrong. Internet service is a responsibility of both the user and the company and, with a good working relationship; the experience can be incredibly gratifying.

Your Internet service provider should have 24 hour tech support available, by phone, to its customers. The Internet is a 24 hour a day affair and the vast majority of surfers don't do the bulk of their browsing during business hours. Find a company with good tech support and that makes an effort to be available when you need them. Some people who make their living online tend to work very odd hours and having a friendly voice that's willing to help when things go wrong at 3am is a great comfort.

Your equipment should come with a guarantee that spans at least 6 months. A 12 month guarantee is excellent and anything beyond that is the mark of a truly committed company. While satellite equipment is very reliable, things do sometimes go wrong and a company that is willing to step in an make the system work for you is well worth the subscription price.

As a user, you also have some responsibility. Good companies will offer various virus filtering services but you shouldn't rely solely on these services to protect your equipment. Think of such services as an enhancement. You'll still need anti-virus software-there are many quality, free suites for home users, do a search-and a good firewall to protect your computer from harm. Remember that you're on your own as far as where you decide to surf. If you practice unsafe surfing habits and start downloading files without regard to your safety, it's hardly the providers fault if your computer gets ruined!

You can also do a lot to make sure everyone else on the Internet has a better experience. Some viruses will turn your computer into a "zombie" which will continually spew the virus to any computer to which it can connect via email or other means. Make sure you scan your computer regularly. The idea that there are some brands of computer that are immune to viral infection is a myth. Every computer user has a responsibility to make sure that their computer isn't causing problems. If your computer is sending viruses out, expect your service to get cut until you remedy the problem.

You can really help out by not forwarding junk emails, as well. Every one of these forwards takes up server resources and bandwidth to send. Use your Internet wisely and, with a good company providing the service, you'll quickly fall in love with satellite broadband as you probably already have with satellite television!
As America's leading satellite internet service provider, Hughes Net delivers broadband speeds up to 50x faster than dial-up. Service is available anywhere in the contiguous U.S., and with lease options and free standard installation, getting started with Hughes Net internet is easy and affordable.
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