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Author: Emily Hayes

Once upon a time, a mere 56kpbs connection speed was the most you could hope for when connecting to the Internet. Before that, speeds were even slower. For younger Internet users, this situation may be hard to fathom; high-speed Internet access has revolutionized the Internet for most consumers, providing them with enormous amounts of enjoyment through music, video, TV programming and social interaction with friends from around the world.

However, many rural consumers still rely on their antiquated dialup connection, simply because DSL and cable connections are unavailable in their areas. Is this the way it must be? Is there no other option? Actually, satellite Internet offers enormous benefits over dialup. Below, you will find several reasons why satellite Internet trumps dialup, every time.

Speed - While 56kpbs may be the highest dialup speed that you can hope to attain, satellite Internet access can provide you with a connection speed up to 50 times faster (more in some cases). That means that you can download anything you want, enjoy streaming music and videos and enjoy watching your favorite web-shows and TV shows online. You can enjoy podcasts, animation without "chop" and all the other benefits of high-speed Internet connectivity.

No Phone Line - Because satellite Internet is provided through a direct connection to orbiting satellites, there is no need to tie up your phone line. In the past, using the Internet meant missing phone calls, or being knocked offline every time a phone call came through. That is no longer a necessity. With satellite Internet access, you can keep your phone line free and catch every call that comes through. In addition, you can even get rid of your landline phone altogether. More and more consumers are relying on their cell phones, even for communications in the home. With a high-speed satellite Internet connection, you no longer need a phone line to access the Internet (which might be of interest even to those with DSL).

Availability - DSL and cable connections are certainly the most common types available. However, they are not available in many areas. While urban areas certainly have sufficient coverage, many suburban areas lack coverage and rural areas receive no coverage at all. Outlying areas have no other recourse than dialup Internet connectivity - until the advent of satellite Internet access, that is. Today, anyone in North America can enjoy high-speed Internet access, no matter where they live, as long as there is a clear view of the sky to the south. This means that suburban areas, rural areas and outlying areas all have the same high-speed access that urban areas have traditionally enjoyed.

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Hughes Net delivers broadband speeds up to 50x faster than dial-up. Service is available anywhere in the contiguous U.S., and with lease options and free standard installation, getting started with Hughes internet is easy and affordable.

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