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"Advantech Satellite Networks launches S5420 VSAT Modem to provide cost-effective DVB-S2 SCPC and DVB-RCS Solutions "

Montreal, QC, March 25, 2009 — Advantech Satellite Networks, a division of Advantech Wireless Broadband Inc., a world-leading provider of wireless broadband communications, announces today that it has released the S5420, the DVB-S2 enhanced successor to its popular S5400 DVBSCPC modem.
The S5420 offers the world’s first modem capable of operating in either of two access methods, SCPC or MF-TDMA. It can support multiple modes of operation: DVB-S2 (ACM, CCM) SCPC point-to-point, as well as DVB-S or DVB-S2 SCPC (ACM, VCM, CCM) and DVB-RCS point-to-multipoint. This provides the flexibility to meet a variety of network topologies with a single low cost modem solution and allows transitioning from one to another using the same terminal infrastructure.

‘The S5420 offers powerful IP connectivity directly to a LAN/WAN environment. It is an out-of-thebox, ready-to-go, cost-effective broadband solution, offering advanced IP features such as TCP & HTTP acceleration and on-board compression, Quality of Service (QoS), as well as VLAN and optional accelerated 3DES or AES encryption support.’
~ Walter Reichert
Vice-President, Hub and Terminal Products

‘This modem brings together Advantech’s world class technology leadership in DVB-S2 and RVBRCS. With the ability of being able to offer best in class MF-TDMA DVB-RCS and DVB-S2 SCPC waveforms, this modem can operate in traditional point to point SCPC configurations, in DVBSCPC multipoint networks, in DVB-RCS multipoint networks, and in mixed hybrid mode networks.’
~ Edwin Faier -Product Director

The S5420 is the solution of choice for enterprise and government users, network operators, service providers and broadcasters for a wide range of applications including Internet/Intranet
Access, LAN/WAN connectivity, Email, File Transfer, Video Conferencing, VoIP, Video Streaming, Backup Services, Backhauling, Private Networking, Video-On-Demand, SNG, Content Distribution & Contribution and Maritime applications.

Management of the modem is via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) or web interface. A network of S5420 terminals is centrally managed via Advantech Satellite Networks’ powerful NetManagerTM Network Management System (NMS). Designed to support unicast or multicast traffic up to 135 Mbps on the forward link (hub to remote terminal) and up to 10 Mbps transmission on the return link (remote terminal to hub), the S5420 is ideally suited for all DVB-SCPC or DVBRCS needs.

The S5420 supports the Advantech Satellite Networks Pay-As-You-GrowTM concept. The S5420 is deployed as an SCPC terminal and as the network grows, the hub and terminals can be upgraded to fully DVB-RCS compliant operation. No hardware modifications or upgrades of the terminals are necessary.
The change can be completely transparent to the end user. With the SCPC efficiency of DVB-S2 and the Bandwidth-On-Demand performance of DVBRCS, the best access methods to meet the current traffic profile can be selected, combined, and then adapted to satisfy tomorrow’s communication needs.

The low cost Multi-Mode S5420 satellite modem is available for delivery.
For more information, please contact Advantech Satellite Networks, or visit Advantech Wireless
Broadband’s Satellite 2009 booth 415 at the Washington Convention Center March 25th through
the 27th.
About Advantech Satellite Networks
Advantech Satellite Networks, a division of Advantech Wireless Broadband Inc., provides broadband satellite communication systems, ground terminals and hub solutions using the international open standard DVB-RCS. Advantech Satellite Networks’ product and technology solutions enable two-way broadband access for a wide range of networking applications ranging from Internet access to more sophisticated virtual private networks, videoconferencing and Voice-over-IP. Advantech Satellite Networks is also a provider of military compliant satellite communications systems for use in DoD-owned teleports and for foreign military establishments worldwide.

About Advantech Wireless Broadband
Advantech is shaping the world with its leading-edge wireless broadband communications. We design, manufacture and deploy networking solutions for broadband connectivity, broadcast solutions and backhaul requirements using satellite and terrestrial communications.
Advantech’s successful R&D program has benchmarked some of the industry’s most innovative products. We’re certified under the ISO 9001: 2000 quality standard. We have offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico as well as in the United States. But Advantech is more than a global company filled with technology, and engineers. It’s the belief that telecommunications shouldn’t be stopped by distance, mountains or earthquakes, and that in any situation, one should be able to connect to the world. We are the wireless broadband culture.

For more information, please visit
Media Contact
Leslie Perez
Corporate Communications
Advantech Wireless Broadband Inc.
Tel.: +1 514 335 3550 ext. 3163

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