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MotoSAT introduced the motorized selfpointing auto-acquiring antenna for Ku-band satellite, The MESA TM with Global Network Management System (GNMS) is moving fixed VSAT communications into a new era of network services. The MESA is a motorized selfpointing auto-acquiring antenna that can be mounted on either a permanent or portable fixed base.

Building upon MotoSAT’s proven mobile satellite technology, the MESA uses tri-axis antenna alignment to provide automatic satellite peaking and acquisition for fixed base applications. It is designed to provide single button satellite acquisition and automatic reacquisition in the harshest of environments.Most businesses rely upon terrestrial connections for voice and data communications.

When these traditional means go down, whether for short-durations or long-term outages, your enterprise could be without critical services for hours or days.MotoSAT’s satellite to LAN failover systems can provide your enterprise with the assurance that critical services will be uninterrupted when an outage occurs. When the MESA antenna is combined with our EtherSAT™ on-demand service, fixed base enterprises are confident that they have the backup and redundancy needed to keep their critical services supported.

With over 25 years of experience, MotoSAT is a leading provider of innovative mobile and fixed satellite antenna solutions. MotoSAT has an install base of over 25,000 and a strong network of 250 dealers. MotoSAT's automated satellite antenna solutions are offered in the consumer, military, rural communications, emergency response, oil & gas, medical, media broadcasting, and enterprise network backup markets. For more information on MotoSAT's fixed and mobile antennas or broadband services, visit

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