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Satlynx, is a provider of satellite communication services throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. Satlynx prides itself with an unmatched depth of experience and know-how in both the technology and the operation of very large VSAT networks; providing turn-key solutions on a range of technology platforms across more than 30 satellites.

Satlynx has successfully deployed thousands of VSAT sites predominantly in the EMEA region. With a robust track-record in delivering satellite communication solutions, Satlynx continues to be the preferred choice for corporates and governments around the world.

Satlynx offers specialised solutions to the maritime industry based on a stabilized VSAT platform that can be used on the move at sea or in the harbour by medium to large vessels. It offers an independence from satellite technology and satellite operator and provides services on the following platforms:
• Satlynx 9000
• Satlynx Direct
• Satlynx SCPC
• Satlynx Mesh

Satlynx can deliver its maritime solution on a global or regional scale to the military, oil & gas exploration, fishing, leisure and other maritime related industries.

Satlynx is headquartered in Luxembourg and has two state-of-the-art teleport and operations centres located in Backnang Germany and Leuk Switzerland. Both Backnang and Leuk teleports contain a wide range of advanced satellite technology platforms, have visibility of satellites across an orbital arc between 80°e to 60°w, and serve as European gateways to the EMEA region.

Satlynx’s satellite solutions are particularly well suited for corporate multinational networks with logistical information-sharing requirements, credit card transaction distribution; broadband internet access in remote areas beyond the reach of fiber, transportable, back-up and disaster recovery solutions; secure point-to-point, meshed, video, voice and data networks.

Products of SatlynxSatlynx Media Streaming ; Satlynx Media Streaming, Satlynx SCPC, Satlynx Teleport Services, Satlynx Maritime, Satlynx Oil and Gas

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