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China DBSAT is emerged to be the exclusive satellite operator on the mainland China, operating Chinasat, Chinastar, Sinosat series satellites and the relative ground facilities.

China DBSAT is striving to provide a wider array of high level sky-based services with more reliability and competitiveness to china and regional market, providing satellite bandwidth and integrated satellite communications solutions to telcos, broadcasters, government agencies and enterprises, enabling the satellite DTH and DBS services, vsat services, emergency services, business continuity services, internet access as well as other ip based services to be realized in the country and the region.

Satellite resources:
China DBSAT, as the sole satellite operator in china, consolidated all the present civil satellite resources of china, including chinastar-1, sinosat-1, sinosat-3, chinasat-6b, chinasat-9 satellites and etc, as well as the sinosat-4, sinosat-6

China DBSAT provide the customers with services in areas such as satellite Telecommunications, satellite broadcasting tv, and in the field of DTH and DBS. In addition, China DBSAT, through active cooperation with main international satellite operators, has procured ample transoceanic satellite resources to extend its service to meet the demand for global seamless telecom communications.

Ground facilities:
China DBSAT’s dongbeiwang and shahe satellite control centers, located in the north suburbs of beijing, are so far the largest, best equipped and most advanced civilian satellite control centers (scc) in china. The scc possesses the abilities of independent management of multiple satellites and traffic monitoring & management.

Services and solutions
China DBSAT is fully devoted in perfecting its service system in order to enable its customers to enjoy first-class, value-added services and solutions in the following areas: full-time satellite bandwidth leasing; part-time satellite bandwidth leasing; occasional satellite bandwidth leasing; international satellite leased line services; satellite related consulting services; satellite communications system; integration, operation and maintenance; satellite communications uplink services; sat services; one-stop service for national & international content delivery and distribution.

Chinastar-1 was launched on may 30,1998 aboard a chinese lm-3b launch vehicle and positioned at the orbital slot of 87.5°e geostationary orbit. With high power and great capacity, chinastar-1 is characterized by its modularization design, high reliability, high intelligence, convenient and flexible operation for tt&c, high receiving sensitivity and ability to support various communication services.

Sinosat-1 was successfully launched from the xichang satellite launch center on july 18, 1998 aboard a chinese lm-3b launch vehicle and positioned at 110.5°e geostationary orbit. With fourteen 54mhz ku-band transponders, twenty-three 36mhz c-band transponders and one 54mhz c-band transponder, sinosat-1 is an advanced commercial communications satellite with high power, high sensitivity of reception and high reliability for customers in china and its surrounding countries/regions.

Sinosat-3, was launched on june 1, 2007 from xichang satellite launch center aboard a long march-3a carrier rocket, positioned at 125°e. Based on Chinese dfh-3 satellite bus, sinosat-3 is developed to meet the growing demand of china's media industry. Dedicated to serve the nation's tv and radio broadcasting, the satellite carries ten 36mhz c-band transponders, covering china and neighboring countries. With eirp exceeding 40dbw within the whole territory of the nation, and g/t above 0db/k in all provincial capitals, sinosat-3 is to design to support high quality and reliable uplinking and receipt of media programs. Sinosat-3 satellite is managed by the ground control center of china dbsat locates in Beijing.

Chinasat-6b, was launched on july 5, 2007 aboard a long march-3b vehicle, and located at 115.5°e. Based on state- of- art sb4000 c2 series platform, the satellite with 24x36mhz transponders in standard c band and 14 in extended c band, enjoys characteristics of modularization design, high reliability, high intelligence, convenient and flexible operation for tt&c, high receiving sensitivity and ability to support various communication services.

Chinasat-9, was launched on june 9, 2008 aboard a long march-3b vehicle, and located at 92.2°e orbital slot. This satellite is manufactured by thales alenia space, france based on the proofed and mature 4100 space bus, with characteristics of high power, long life, high reliability, and much experiences. Chinasat-9 satellite with four 54mhz and eighteen 36mhz transponders in specific frequency bands of 11.7-12.2 ghz in itu region 3, is receivable on dishes of just 45cm-60cm. Hundreds of satellite-based tv programs are provided to rural areas in mainland china where conventional cable service is not available.

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  1. ankur // May 3, 2010 at 2:39 AM  

    China is all known for his accurate and fast technology and DBSC is follow the tradition of china.
    Great article.


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