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APT (APT Satellite Holdings Limited) successfully launched its first satellite, APSTAR-1, in 1994. Since then, APT has experienced extensive growth, and operates five on-orbit satellites, providing coverage over Asia, Oceania, and parts of the Pacific Ocean that extends as far out as Hawaii. The APT satellite fleet comprises of APSTAR-1, APSTAR-1A, APSTAR-IIR, APSTAR-V and APSTAR-VI. All of the APSTAR satellites are built upon the latest and most reliable satellite platforms, and carry high performance payload to meet market demands, providing high quality transponder services for the broadcasting and telecommunications client within Asia Pacific region. APT currently provides C-band and Ku-band transponder services to satisfy the needs and demands of various customers.

APSTAR-V and APSTAR-VI epitomizes the new generation of high-power and high-reliability communication satellites. Given their outstanding performance, they are able to provide excellent quality of service to our broadcasting and telecommunications customers. Both APSTAR-V and APSTAR-VI C-band and Ku-band transponders provide broad coverage and optimal power to support such uses as TV program broadcasting, live satellite TV feeds, news gathering, corporate VSAT networks, distance learning, data broadcasting, internet backbone, broadband Internet access, cellular backhaul, etc. APSTAR-V and APSTAR-VI are separated in their orbital positions by 4 degrees longitude. Their close proximity allows for a good backup configuration in case of contingency. These satellites also possess high priority of orbital slot filing, as well as being able to aggregate broadcasting neighborhood effect over Greater China Area. These advantages guarantee the service integrity and reliability of our customer service transmissions and their cost-worthiness.

About APT Satellite Holdings Limited
APT SATELLITE HOLDINGS LIMITED (the "Group") is listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. Having started its operation in 1992, the Group provides high-quality services in satellite transponders, satellite communications and broadcasting services for the broadcasting and telecommunications sectors in Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States. The Group currently operates the APSTAR systems, including APSTAR V, APSTAR VI, and APSTAR IIR, through its own Satellite Control Center in Tai Po, Hong Kong. In line with its business development strategies, the Group has established its satellite TV broadcasting platform. Together with its satellite telecommunications services and data center services, the Group provides reliable "one-stop" satellite broadcasting services and telecommunications services to customers. The Group endeavors to leverage its competitive edges and high quality services for market expansion and business growth. For more information, please visit

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