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SatPath SkySwitch is a new generation of VSAT networking system designed to provide cost effective solutions with high performance, flexible network structure, and auto traffic switching for broadband multimedia satellite communications of voice, data and video applications over a wide range of applications.

The SatPath SkySwitch product offering includes the capabilities for Star, Mesh, Point to Point, and Point to Multipoint network topologies using DAMA/BOD with SCPC/MCPC/FDMA/PDMA to support end-to-end IP network traffic. SkySwitch is the only known single satellite hop, Star/Mesh VSAT product offering today that provides superior channel bandwidth efficiency up to 98% among all competing products and technologies in the industry. High channel efficiency translates into lower recurring operating cost of leasing transponder bandwidth. SkySwitch's Switched Mesh multiple access capability using MDPC/PDMA technology eliminates limitations associated with the traditional VSAT products.

This is a network system specially designed for VSAT network from small networks for private business operators to large public network for telecom carriers. Key Features:
Advanced DAMA/BOD and MCPC/MDPC/FDMA/PDMA Technology
Multi-layers and Mixed Topologies in Network Design
Highest Channel Efficiency with Low Bandwidth Overhead
Turbo Product Code across-the-board as standard offering
Integrated Bandwidth Re-use Technology
Low Cost IF and L-band Terminals with various configuration options


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