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About Digital Network Knowledge (DNK)
DNK is a brand image and a trade mark of PT. Dini Nusa Kusuma, as a company that provides ICT - Information Technology Communication, DNK has proper certifications and be the first who obtain BGAN Inmarsat certification in Indonesia. DNK has proper licenses incompliance with the Indonesia telecommunication regulation.
  • DNK Digital Network Knowledge, a reliable service operator of BGAN-INMARSAT and the first company with authorized certification data's - Internet categorize in Indonesia.
  • BGAN refers to be a best solution of VSAT and offers a newer feature of IP technology satellite belongs to International Maritime Satellite (INMARSAT).
  • BGAN performs new technologies and has taken over RBGAN services which the closure of the RBGAN service will be withdrawn on 31 December 2008.
  • Beam covers up across most of the global Earth's surface but apart for North and South poles.
  • BGAN is the most advanced and affordable broadband services in highly compact and most cost effective usages.
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