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This launch of the Tactical Satellite-3 from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport at Wallop’s Island, Va., is a crucial step forward in demonstrating the Defense Department’s Operationally Responsive Space Office concept of rapid response, low-cost satellites to support U.S commanders. AIA has been a staunch supporter of the ORS Office and led early efforts to ensure both the Department and Congress recognized the benefits of these capabilities.

With federal budgets facing constraints at a time of increased national security challenges, the officials believe that the ORS concept has the potential to become an important model to fulfill affordable, on-demand space support for military operations.

Blakey strongly recommends Congress to continue funding this crucial capability, which fills a wide variety of national security requirements including U.S. diplomatic, information, military, and economic needs. This launch proves with no doubt that the ORS initiatives ability to provide responsive, flexible and affordable space systems that support the U.S. troops is a crucial aim that must be achieved.

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