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When I think of satellite TV providers, certain words come to mind. Some of the words have a positive connotation to them, others a negative connotation. Some words are neutral, neither negative or positive, just associative with the type of service they provide.

Dish – You have to have one of those satellite dishes attached to your house or located somewhere on your property if you have satellite TV. Thankfully, they are much smaller now than they used to be, but you still can’t exactly hide it. It needs to be out in the open to get reception.
Rural – Most people that I know who use satellite TV providers live in rural settings. They don’t have the option of cable TV, so they’ve opted for satellite TV to give them multiple channels.

Internet – Most satellite TV providers also offer internet access at an additional charge to their customers. Again, these customers don’t usually have the option of cable internet but may have DSL or dialup options available for internet service.

Weather – It seems like satellite TV providers aren’t able to quite eliminate weather interference with the signal reception. Although it appears to have improved over what it was in previous years, and is not as big of a problem.
Selections – Subscribers to satellite TV are known for having many more television channels to select from than cable subscribers. This seems to always have been the biggest positive aspect of satellite TV.
Record – Recording options seem to be provided to satellite TV users in many of their packages. It also seems that I hear more of their clients referring to the use of these features, as well.
Receiver – In addition to the exterior dish, satellite TV users also have a receiver box located inside their home and connected to their television.
Contract – Unlike the month-to-month billings, people experience with cable TV, satellite TV customers have a more detailed contract to deal with. The contracts also seem to run for one or two years, rather than just a month at a time, as they do with cable.

Installers – Because of the positioning needed for the installation of a satellite dish, satellite TV installers seem to require more time than is normally required for the simpler cable hookup.

Package – Most satellite TV providers advertise their different ‘packages’, almost using the lowest priced package as their example in price. Cable TV providers do the same thing of course. It seems like there are always ‘new packages’ being advertised by both.

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