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To be announced on the 9 November 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa
Gateway Communications, the leading supplier of African telecommunications services, has been nominated in both the ‘Best Backhaul Solution for Africa’ and ‘Customer Service Excellence Award’ categories at this year’s AfricaCom Awards.

The AfricaCom Awards recognises industry leaders and innovators in Africa’s telecommunications sector. Gateway Communications entered its innovative satellite utilisation solution, CellDirect, into the ‘Best Backhaul Solution for Africa’ category. This category recognises fibre, satellite or wireless solutions providers that that have significantly improved backhaul capacity. CellDirect uses Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) technology, which makes use of a sophisticated bandwidth manager to allocate satellite capacity – based on time, frequency and type of capacity available - in order to meet traffic demand. This increases satellite efficiency for mobile network operators (MNOs) and assists with reducing costs.

The Customer Service Excellence Award focuses on operators or service providers that have maintained an excellent level of customer service, or greatly improved their service since November 2010 .Gateway Communications prides itself on providing a reliable and fast service; innovative technology to resolve problems efficiently and timeously; regular performance reporting; and customer cost-saving solutions.

Winners will be announced at a gala dinner on the 9 November 2011 at the Waterfront Lookout in Granger Bay, Cape Town. For more information about the AfricaCom Awards visit:

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