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The wireless explosion of the past decade has given rise to numerous technologies, devices and corporations, all of which have contributed to the dramatic changes in the way we live, work and play. Behind the scenes are countless more individuals whose decisions, research and creativity each day make it all work for us. Today we look at those individuals making the biggest splash in mobile today.

The following, in no particular order, are who we consider to be the ten most influential people in mobile telecommunications.

Andy Rubin – For his indispensable role in bringing the Android platform to life at while at Android, Inc. and, with Google and the Open Handset Alliance, bringing it to market. The smart phone playing field hasn’t been the same since.

Patrick Slim Domit – As Chairman of America MovĂ­l, the world’s fourth largest mobile network, Slim heads up a hugely successful suite of prepaid mobile services you may have heard of: Tracfone Wireless, Net10, and Straight Talk.

Peter Chou – Taiwanese smart phone manufacturer HTC has been instrumental in the success of Android. Now working with two separate platforms, Windows OS as well as Android OS, CEO Chou has HTC positioned to be an even more huge player in the smart phone market.

Vittorio Colao – CEO of Vodafone, Colao captains a mobile juggernaut, the largest mobile telecommunications company by revenue. With well over 300 million subscribers in over 30 countries under his stewardship, when Vittorio sneezes, the whole industry catches cold.

Wang Jianzhou – While Vodafone is the money leader, China Mobile ranks first in subscribers, at over half a billion. A market that size can’t help but have an influence on the industry; and as Chairman and CEO, Wang makes the decisions that influence that market.

Mary McDowell Exec. V.P., Nokia. Heading the mobile phones division since July 2010, McDowell is charged with regaining Nokia’s prominence on the ever-evolving landscape of smart phone technology.

Julius Genachowski – Chairman, Federal Communications Commission; his leadership of the development and implementation of the National Broadband Plan, especially the wireless back-haul strategy, will indeed broaden many horizons in telecommunications.
Scott Forstall – Senior V.P. of iOS Software, Apple Inc. As one of the top brains and the driving force behind the gold standard in mobile operating systems, Forstall forever changed the way we view mobile internet.

Rajiv Mehrotra – CEO, VNL (Vihaan Networks Ltd.) and mastermind of the solar-powered GSM base stations that have filled a much-needed void in the global mobile footprint. Someone needed to find a way to get mobile to the masses where it wasn’t considered feasible or cost-effective. Mehrotra did it.

Steve Jobs – His all-too-soon passing hardly diminishes the lasting imprint he has had, and will continue to have on the wireless frontier for the foreseeable future. Until the next Steve Jobs arrives, or can you already spot him on our list?

source: phonetvinternet

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