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Gateway Communications, the leading supplier of pan-African telecommunications services and Kawuleza Wireless, a growing Internet Service Provider (ISP) in South Africa, are working together to provide high speed bandwidth to major South African cities. Kawuleza has commissioned an STM1 in Cape Town, expected to go live in mid-January, which will expand the company’s existing reach within the area. Kawuleza will then be utilising capacity from Gateway’s STM1 to provide customers with affordable and reliable connectivity in Johannesburg and will add Durban as a new location. Here Kawuleza will be able to offer incremental capacity packages to customers as they need them.

Gateway Communications has been chosen as Kawuleza’s primary capacity supplier and has been selected as a preferred provider for Kawuleza’s rapid expansion plans. The company’s four year plan sees Kawuleza growing 20-fold; expanding to Witbank, Rustenburg, Port Elizabeth and East London amongst other locations. Kawuleza anticipates a future customer base of over 22 000 within the next five years. Kawuleza currently works with customers such as Foschinidata, which provides ICT services to the Foschini retails group and NYK Logistics, a transportation logistics company in South Africa.

“Gateway Communications’ technical and on-the-ground experience has proven to be invaluable,” says Mike Edwards, Acting CEO of Kawuleza Wireless. “Gateway Communications provides us with cost effective, reliable and efficient capacity and with its large African footprint and redundant networks, it is an ideal partner to support our growth. We will now be able to easily reach customers in areas that we have never serviced before.”

“We are excited to be there every step of the way as Kawuleza expands its services and gains new customers,” comments Mike van den Bergh, CEO of Gateway Communications. “By providing high quality capacity, reliable back-up systems and efficient customer service, Kawuleza will be able meet all its business goals in the allocated time.”

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  1. ocean satellite // April 16, 2012 at 10:09 PM  

    Here Kawuleza will be able to offer incremental capacity packages to customers as they need them.

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